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We've loved every minute of our journey!

An Idea is Born

The Giving Tree, Inc. was formed after years of thought and planning on what quality child care should be like. As the program and curriculum developed, The Giving Tree, Inc. evolved into an Early Learning Center.

1,000 Happy Customers

2017 Giving Tree -

First Babies Graduate

We are proud to have been in the early childhood field since 1999 and in the commercial setting since 2004. Our first students are all going off to college!

Our Mission

The Giving Tree, Inc. is a place where it is understood that children are active learners from an early age, and taking advantage of this is crucial in developing children’s life long learning traits. We want all children to feel important as individuals and in small groups this is possible.

In 1999, The Giving Tree Home day care started with the arrival of Marty and Lily they are now in their second year of College and we couldn't be any prouder. We took Polaroid pictures at the time and kept a scrapbook to chart their growth. Oh how they have grown. We are so proud of all our Giving Tree graduates and all that they have accomplished. Send me your Giving Tree graduates and I will post their grown up pictures too.   

Why Us?

The Giving Tree recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each child. Our school's primary mission is to foster a love of learning in each student. Our curriculum skillfully weaves artistic and practical disciplines into everyday learning opportunities. Children learn to follow their curiosity, to think creatively, and to work both independently and cooperatively with others.

Who do we enroll?

Children ages 6 weeks through

6 years of age 

What we offer:

We offer a full day program from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.


We offer a full year program, including a full summer program.


We offer developmental curriculum and round the year assessment.


We offer a portfolio review for every child.


We provide nutritional and well balanced breakfasts, snacks and lunches for every child.


We offer a Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee. Upon graduation, your child will possess the skills and knowledge to be successful and ready for higher education.

We offer four classrooms for all ages of children:

  • Infant
  • Toddler I
  • Preschool
  • Pre-K

We provide transportation to Forest Park Schools.

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